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Neal Brothers Foam PackagingNeal Brothers also design and manufacture a range of bespoke foam fittings in order to contain, protect and cushion your product during storage and transit.

Clicker presses, a 60 tonnes Samco press and numerous hot air guns help to convert a range of “Ethafoam” “Stratocell” or “Plastazote” foams calculated to achieve the cushioning required to protect your product.

Open cell, or crossed linked polyethylene foams have a good “memory” and will reform even after a number of drops.

They also are very good at withstanding creep in adverse temperatures in order to retain the integrity of the pack.

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The origins of Neal Brothers export packers date back over 100 years. During that time the business has expanded from its base in Leicester to operations throughout England and in Europe, North America and South Africa and with its strategic partnerships can offer full logistics and packing services worldwide.
Quality of service has always been a priority for Neal Brothers and continued growth has enabled the company to employ the best people and invest in the best technology and equipment.